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How can you have 70% more chance at a job interview?

Everybody knows how important first impressions are, when people first meet and look at each other’s faces.

A research group at Stanford University found that it takes 5 seconds to decide if you like somebody or not.

Nowadays having beautiful teeth is one of the most important factors of your appearance.

In the majority of developed Western societies people are almost expected to have white and healthy teeth.

Research at Stanford University has shown that with white and healthy teeth, you have 70% better chances at a job interview or a first date.



What causes tooth discolouration?

natural and artificial colourings in food and drinks e. g. coffee, tea, red wine, Coke

smoking (nicotine leaves stubborn dark yellow stains on teeth)

antibiotics and tetracyclines taken during childhood

undesirable side effects of medication taken during pregnancy


Many people think that the colour of their teeth depends on their genetic makeup, and it is something they cannot change.

This is not true, teeth whitening is effective for everyone, with very few exceptions.

Naturally teeth whitening depends on your predisposition and there are individual differences in the extent of the whitening effect.

The whitening effect is stronger for some and less strong for others with this method, but an improvement of at least 6 shades is almost always possible.

Even teeth that are greyish-yellow because of childhood antibiotics therapies may be whitened. In this case 5-6 treatments are recommended.



Why is the treatment painless?

A teeth whitening service using a substance with a 25-35% hydrogen or carbamide peroxide concentrate was available at every dental clinic until the autumn of 2012.

These treatments had many side effects, and damaged the gums and tooth enamel, so they were finally banned.

According to new regulations, teeth whitening may be performed at locations other than dental clinics as long as the substances used contain less than 1% of peroxide.



One of the leading manufacturers of teeth whitening materials in the United States has developed the first teeth whitening material without hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, which is really gentle on the gums and tooth enamel.


What makes teeth whiter?

The main ingredient is sodium percarbonate, which, when treated by cold LED light, releases oxygen.

Oxygen gets in the microgrooves of the tooth enamel and whitens teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, it is an oxidation process and does not involve etching the surface of the tooth enamel.


Organic teeth whitening exploits the advantages of sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, to have similar effects as gentle materials.


Why is Smiling Planet teeth whitening simple and safe?

These new materials, which are gentle on the gum, may be used not only by dentists, but also in beauty salons, smaller beauty shops and the newly opened teeth whitening salons.

This is where the new name, cosmetic teeth whitening, comes from.


As a result of the regulations mentioned above, teeth whitening salons are being opened one after the other in Europe, and teeth whitening corners are installed in beauty salons and shopping centres.

Clients doing their shopping can come in on an impulse for a 30 minute teeth whitening treatment, without making an appointment in advance.

More than 500 such salons and corners were established in France in the course of two years.

Most of the clients dread the atmosphere of dental clinics, they are afraid of pain and can’t even imagine that they could have a teeth whitening treatment comfortably, with some soft background music.

The treatment is absolutely painless.

Teeth and gums will not become sensitive later either, as the teeth whitening material contains no hydrogen peroxide.



A treatment lasts 3x15 minutes.

Teeth may become up to 12 shades whiter.


It will take years until cosmetic and organic teeth whitening are well-known and the public is aware that these treatments are painless, have no harmful effects and are very much like hairdressing or cosmetic services.


Have you heard about ORGANIC teeth whitening?

[1}The American manufacturer has an excellent solution for organic tooth whitening as well.

It has developed an organic tooth whitening material which complies with the criteria of “natural products”, as defined by the European Union.

Organic teeth whitening is recommended for you if you take good care of your family’s and your own health and you prefer to buy products with healthy ingredients.


The main active substance is sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, which consists of plant enzymes and becomes, as a result of a modern, patented procedure, a PH neutral, transparent material with a pleasant minty taste.

Chamomile extract prevents the inflammation of the gums, Aloe gel has a disinfectant effect and mint oil gives an excellent taste to the tooth whitening gel.


The organic teeth whitening material has the same whitening effect in terms of shade as the normal gel, the method of application is the same and the price difference is just a little over 10%.


The treatment is absolutely painless.

Teeth will not become sensitive after the treatment either.

The results are similar to those of treatments provided at dental clinics, the 3x15 minute treatment may result in 12 shades whiter teeth.


The effects of the treatment last 1-3 months, depending on your predisposition and lifestyle.

You are not allowed to eat for 2-3 hours after the treatment.

However, you should drink a lot, but only water.

Only white food and drinks are recommended for 48 hours and you should avoid smoking if possible.


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